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About Bermingham

Over 120 Years of Innovation

Bermingham was founded in 1897 by William Bermingham, who was succeeded by three further generations of Berminghams at the helm. The company started building the foundation of Canada’s infrastructure and has continued that role into our second century.

Always innovative, Bermingham brought the first diesel impact hammer to North America in the early 1950’s and started developing their own line of foundation specialty equipment in the late 1960’s. The Berminghammer trade name has become synonymous with leading edge technology around the world.

What makes Bermingham unique in the foundation equipment manufacturing world is that it is also a contractor – trying new equipment and procedures, field testing modifications and seeking improvements in its Land and Marine Construction Division on every project. No one knows more about foundation construction than the people that spend their life in the field, and at Bermingham we tap into that wealth of experience every day.

That century of field experience is available to our customers through our site support staff we can make available on your jobsite, or through advance project planning. Bermingham's Project Planning Services utilize a unique three dimensional modeling system to plan, optimize and present the best construction scheme possible to owners, approval agencies and even assist your own workforce in understanding the sequencing of a complicated construction project. The added benefit is that the planning is done in advance where potential interference problems and the like are solved on paper, not in the field with million of dollars of equipment on standby until a solution can be determined.

Bermingham looks forward to working with you during our second century of innovation.