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Driven Piles
Picture of a crawler crane with lead system and pile driver.
Picture of large pile driver and lead system from above

Driven Piles are the least expensive and fastest way to produce high capacity bearing elements when depth to rock is reasonable.  Friction piles are used when depth to rock is great, but there are denser soil layers at depth that will develop the required load capacities.

Bermingham is Canada's most experienced pile driver.  Bermingham can draw on more than 50 pile hammers on rigs ranging from mini low-headroom for work inside buildings up to a 275 ton crane. 

Bermingham has repeatedly proven its leadership in high production jobs over the decades.  On one project, for a hydro utility, Bermingham installed 52.1 linear kilometres (171,000 lineal feet) of piling in 40 days.

By utilising the skills of its in-house engineering department and manufacturing facility Bermingham can meet any project challenge safely and efficiently.

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