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Soldier Piles & Lagging
Picture of Soldier Piles and Lagging

Soldier piles and lagging are one of the least expensive shoring solutions.  Although the technique is not appropriate for free-running soils such as sand, they provide an economical shoring solution, particularly for temporary walls.

The technique consists of driving piles at a specified center, usually 6 to 12 feet for a typical installation.  These piles are driven below the anticipated base of the wall and provide moment resistance.  A timber wall (lagging) is then assembled between these soldier piles as the wall is excavated.  The lagging can also be concrete or other material for permanent walls.

The soldier piles are normally steel h-piles, but can also be pipe piles, concrete, or drilled (Caissons) rather than driven.  H-piles are the most economical, however, and are most frequently used.

This technique has a long history that has been used globally for centuries.  In our 120 years of foundation construction Bermingham has installed countless Soldier Pile & Lagging walls and are very familiar with the technique.  It is excellent for temporary walls and as a cost-effective shoring solution where the geotechnical conditions are suitable.

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