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Black Creek Drive, Ontario
Black Creek Drive 3D Model Picture

In 2015, Toronto will step in the global sports arena and play host to the Pan Am Games. In an effort to provide high quality rail service to the venue, Bermingham was contracted to assist in widening the Metrolinks tracks on Black Creek Drive. The two-stage project is part of a program to increase traffic flow on the line that runs from Union Station to Toronto Pearson International Airport. The project (which entails expanding the existing one-rail line to three lines) began in January 2012 with Stage One having been successfully completed within the allotted time frame; Stage Two is currently being carried out and will be completed within the next 9 months.

Black Creek Drive 3D Model Picture

Bermingham’s role in the Black Creek project was to drive approximately 430 piles (at a depth of 110ft) to support the 6-span bridge expansion. In assessing the feasibility of the original plans, Berhmingham utilized a 3 D model and determined that several modifications were required to address a number of issues and challenges. These issues included: accessibility to tough to get at areas, and more importantly public safety when pile driving in an urban environment. Using the 3D model, 75% of the original plans were modified to ensure these issues were addressed in an efficient, safe and professional manner. Changes included a shift from drilling to a more cost effective pile driving approach, thereby reducing equipment needed and more importantly ensuring safety for users of public roadways and railway in close proximity.

Black Creek Drive Picture Black Creek Drive Picture Black Creek Drive Picture

To successfully complete Stage One of the project, Bermingham employed a B5505 Berminghammer on a 100 and 110 ton crane (with 80 feet of leads). Bermingham was also tasked with reducing noise during pile driving as the construction was being completed in a densely populated area. This was accomplished in two ways: Bermingham utilized effectively an HPSI 500 custom designed Vibratory Hammer, and developed a new custom noise reducing Direct Drive Housing for the B5505 hammer.

With the Pan Am Games quickly approaching Bermingham continues to work on Stage Two of the project and is proud to help pave the way in broadening access to the global games.

Download a PDF of the Black Creek Drive Project Report