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Remai Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Remai Art Gallery Artists Rendition

In recent years the City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has experienced a significant increase in its population due in-part to the Energy Boom. As a result, the city has developed a larger appetite for arts and culture. The Remai Art Gallery project, named after Saskatoon philanthropist and major donor Ellen Remai, is a fantastic example. Located in the downtown core, the gallery will provide the city with various forms of art from around the world.

Bermingham was contacted to work on the project by EllisDon Corporation in November 2012 and began work in April 2013. Bermingham's portion of the project was to construct a contiguous caisson wall for excavation support and to facilitate the construction of a two level parking garage. The construction required vertical drilling of 3,600m (~12,000 ft) caissons of 880mm (~3 ft) diameter. It also incorporated 79 smaller diameter tiebacks to aid lateral support. These tiebacks were 150mm (~6 in) diameter and 9m (~30 ft) in length. Bermingham utilized a BG36 Drill Rig, a 70 ton crane equipped with a CMV drill as well as a Tieback Rig.

Aerial of the Remai Art Gallery Site Under Construction

Bermingham's Construction team met a very challenging schedule with good planning and ingenuity; and ensured that EllisDon Corporation were on track to meet aggressive schedule deadlines.

Bermingham drilled nearly 12,000 ft of ground, notorious for cobbles and boulders, in 8 weeks of productive drilling - Kaustubh Shekhar

The project presented several challenges. The site location was adjacent to the South Saskatchewan River and the ground was abundant in large boulders. Bermingham employed sequencing plans and mobilized specialized equipment that successfully met these challenges. The final product was a caisson wall of supreme quality that was completed on time to meet a very challenging schedule.

Download a PDF of the Remai Art Gallery Project Report