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Suncor’s Voyageur Mine, Fort McMurray, Alberta
Picture of Lead, Hammer, and piles at the Suncor Voyageur Site

Suncor’s Voyageur project in Fort McMurray Alberta represents the heart of Suncor’s growth strategy to produce 550-million barrels of oil per year in Alberta’s oil sands. When more than 1100 critical, high capacity 30 Inch diameter pipe piles were needed to be installed for a new facility, Bermingham equipment and crews rose to the occasion.

Initially, Bermingham executed the test pile program on behalf of North American Construction Group (NACG) of Edmonton, Alberta using a variety of Berminghammer diesel impact hammers. However, with such a large number of piles and a tight schedule, the owner looked for innovation and high productivity to meet the schedule. Large diameter steel piles are rare in western Canada and everyone involved in the project could only envision driving the long piles in multiple pieces, necessitating time consuming welded splices. Bermingham was contacted by the Consultants who were pleased to find someone with the equipment and experience to drive these very large piles in longer lengths. NAC asked Bermingham to join their team to drive the 1,100 30 inch pipe piles.

Bermingham mobilized three 150/165 ton cranes complete with custom on-board hydraulics and arctic weather kits, rigged with L-23 vertical travel leads and B-6505HD direct-drive diesel hammers. The installation proceeded over a Fort McMurray winter and was completed prior to the following winter shutdown.

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Piling at the Suncor Voyageur Site Piling at the Suncor Voyageur Site Piling at the Suncor Voyageur Site