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Sunfish Pond, Hamilton, Ontario
Before and During view of the slope at the Sunfish Pond Site

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Bermingham employees, CN Rail’s Sunfish Pond shoring project was a great success. CN Rail contracted Bermingham to construct a structure bordering the Royal Botanical Garden lands in Hamilton to allow railroad construction to facilitate the expansion of GO Transit service in the area.

Sunfish Pond Site 3D Model

The project posed a unique challenge; the embankment on which the structure was to be built was unstable and was adjacent to very sensitive marshland, meaning equipment access would be almost non-existent. Bermingham’s unique solution utilized a structure consisting of H-piles, sheet piles and pipe piles with tie down anchors and also functioned as access for equipment during the construction process.

Another challenge came in the form of a very short timeline with a very strict deadline in order to facilitate track work over a holiday weekend. In the tender stages of the project, the deepest piles were expected to be driven about 37m. In reality the distance was over 61m – almost twice as much as originally anticipated. This meant that Bermingham crews effectively needed to complete twice the amount of work in the same amount of time. Despite the challenge, Bermingham successfully met the holiday weekend deadline.

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