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Thorold Cogeneration Station, Niagara, Ontario
Picture of Equipment at the Thorold Cogeneration Station Site

Once again, Bermingham Foundation Solutions was responsible for a quick and successful installation of a combi wall - this time at the Thorold Cogeneration Plant in Thorold Ontario.

The combi wall, which consists of a series of pipe piles interlocked with sheet piles, was required to shore up the roadway to the Power Station in addition to functioning as an interface between the water returning from the cogeneration facility to the Welland Canal.

Picture of Vibratory Pile Driving at the Thorold Cogeneration Station Site

The permanent nature of the combi wall necessitated a design that could withstand normal service loads, such as vehicle traffic on the adjacent roadways, in addition to other possibilities such as earthquake loading and the complete draining of water from the Welland Canal. By utilizing the combi wall design, a longer unsupported distance between restraints on the shoring wall can be successfully utilized – in this case, the vertical distance from the bedrock to the tie-back was over 30 feet! Thanks to Bermingham’s construction and manufacturing experience, a custom fabricated template was utilized for the pipe pile installation, saving both time and money.

Picture of drilling a Combi-Wall at the Thorold Cogeneration Station

During the construction process, a wide variety of Bermingham built equipment was used, including a custom template for locating the piles (left) and Berminghammer reverse-circulation drills (right).

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