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Case History

Altimira, Mexico

Altimira, Mexico

Vertical Travel Leads & RC Drilling Systems
Altamira, Mexico
Picture of System for Altimira, Mexico LNG Terminal

Bermingham’s unique offering of project planning and visualization services, along with quality foundation equipment allowed contractors to optimize drilling operations in Altimira Mexico.

Picture of System for Altimira, Mexico LNG Terminal

Bermingham’s extensive contracting and engineering experience, combined with 3D computer modeling allowed for the precise planning of barge and equipment positioning and enabled Berminghammer to provide the contractor with recommendations for best processes and equipment. Piles were driven from service barges utilizing custom positioning templates installed on temporary piles. Thanks to Bermingham, multiple battered piles in both fore and aft configurations could be installed with each move of the service barge, dramatically increasing production.

Picture of System for CAltimira, Mexico LNG Terminal

For this project, Berminghammer supplied a Berminghammer reverse circulation drill and Vertical Travel Lead system in addition to a large power pack. Berminghammer’s equipment allowed for incredibly efficient operations, outperforming conventional European style drill rigs by five-to-one

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