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Drilling Systems
Picture of Drilling at Oshawa Harbour

For rock drilling and rock socketing, Bermingham has a wide variety of equipment available for sale or rent. Berminghammer reverse circulation drilling equipment is suited to all rock drilling methodologies; conventional rotary, down-the-hole hammer or cluster drill.

The BHD line of Reverse Circulation Drills were developed in-house by a joint effort of Bermingham’s Construction and Equipment Manufacturing Groups.  It is well suited for rock drilling up to 2.5 meters in diameter and pairs seamlessly with Bermingham’s industry tested lead systems.

To understand the advantage of reverse circulation drilling one must understand that direct circulation is limited because the method simply lets water and cuttings come to the surface and spill over the side of the pile free flow to the lowest point in the area.

The main advantage of RC Drilling in foundation work is having control output of the spoils (cuttings). This is done by forcing the cuttings back up the inner tube of the drill string and out the top of the drill through discharge hose to the desired disposal location.


  • Congested jobsites – Allows the contractor to direct all the cuttings into settling containers that can then be removed from the site
  • Environmentally sensitive areas - With RC drilling you eliminate the damage to the surrounding area by directing the spoils into one spot (ideally a container)
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