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Excavator Mounted Lead Systems (EML)

Berminghammer developed the (EML Excavator Mounted Lead) line of pile driving equipment for general contractors looking to drive their own piles. The line consists of pile driving lead systems for 30, 45 and 60 ton excavators. The EML30, EML45, and EML60. The length of drivable pile increases as the size of the excavator increases. The rigs were designed with several design criteria; to deliver enough energy to drive piles specified for bridge piles, to be extremely mobile, quick to rig up, and eliminate the need for crane mobilizations for small piling jobs. The uses of the system include bridge pier and abutments, soldier pile and lagging systems for roadway protection, and piling locations areas that are sensitive to vibration. There are significant cost benefits to using an EML system over traditional fixed leads on smaller remote jobs of 10-20 piles. The gains are found in the significantly decreased costs to mobilize to the jobsite. Most general contractors will require an excavator for site work thus prior to starting piling work they can attach EML to the excavator. When finished they can detach and continue using the excavator for its primary use. The piling system will cost nothing more than a single truckload to mobilize.