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Lead Systems
Image of a Lead System from Above

Bermingham produces a wide variety of lead systems used worldwide and is best known for developing and producing the Vertical Travel Lead system. The Vertical Travel Lead system, often referred to as the "VTL" system, was first developed and patented by C.W. Bermingham in the 1970's. The VTL system was developed to combine the fast and accurate positioning of a fixed lead system with the hanging lead system’s ability to adjust the height of the lead base up and down. The VTL system allows for extremely versatile positioning of the lead, allowing for efficient operations even on the most challenging of job sites. Many foundation contractors around the globe have recognized the advantages of the Vertical Travel Lead system in addition to becoming the industry standard in Canada, US Railway Construction and many parts of the USA.

Bermingham Vertical Travel Leads integrate seamlessly with Bermingham's equipment.

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