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Careers at Bermingham

Available Careers

Established in 1897, Bermingham is North America’s most experienced Foundation and Marine specialty contractor as well as the foremost manufacturer of custom Foundation Construction equipment.

Dedicated and hard working individuals have been the driving force behind Bermingham Foundation Solutions for over a century.  With a challenging and rewarding work environment with opportunities for personal growth and development, Bermingham Foundation Solutions invites qualified individuals to explore our career opportunities.

Bermingham is a 115 year old Hamilton Company that encourages equal opportunity and personal growth for all employees

Recent and pending retirements and continued growth have created the following opportunities. These are full time positions with benefits.

Please direct general career inquiries to, or use the links below to apply for a specific posted position. Applications should include a cover letter, resume, and clearly identify the career code and title.

Current Job Opportunities

C101 - Construction Superintendent

Established in 1897, Bermingham is North America’s oldest Foundation and Marine specialty contractor. This position will appeal to those that enjoy working on heavy civil works and on some of Canada’s largest projects. Your technical background is an advantage when building deep foundations and soil retention systems. Living and traveling allowance will be provided as required. Occasional opportunities are also available for international work with the Equipment Division if the employee is interested.

Please download the job description to view the full information.

To apply for this position, please include a resume and use the following email link: Apply for the Construction Superintendent position.

C102 - On-Site Field Service Technician

Core Compentencies

  • Fluent in Spanish and English (Note: Service manual and software programs are written in English).
  • Willingness to travel for extended periods
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Problem Solving and Troubleshooting.
  • Flexible and Adaptable to new challenges
  • Accountable and Dependable.
  • Millwright license or equivalent experience.
  • Understanding of mechanical and hydraulic systems.
  • Understand the use proximity sensors and related wiring and detection of failure.
  • Ability to use computer software to diagnose problems.

Job Duties

  • Act as Bermingham’s representative on the construction site.
  • Communicate directly with customer on-site to provide support and advise on safe limits of Bermingham’s pile driving system. Communicate with:
    • Bermingham engineering and maintenance personnel as needed.
    • Advise the customer and assist in performing repairs.
    • Communicate with Bermingham in Canada site activities and issues.
    • Keep daily service records.

To apply for this position, please include a resume and use the following email link: Apply for the On-Site Millwright position.

C103 - Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Core Compentencies

  • Read and understand all operating and maintenance, blue prints and technical manuals.
  • Read and understand electrical and hydraulic schematics, diagnose the problem and using the proper tools safely repair the problem.
  • Look over, operate and inspect tools, machines and heavy equipment to diagnose defects.
  • Examine parts for damage or excessive wear using micrometers and other measuring tools.
  • Repair or replace all damaged or worn parts.
  • Dismantle and reassemble all tools and equipment using the proper tools for the job.
  • Clean lubricate and perform other routine maintenance work on equipment and tools.
  • Test mechanical and operational function of machines repaired or assembled to make sure of proper performance and compliance with manufactures specifications.
  • Schedule future maintenance and keep service records of all tools and equipment.
  • Must wear all appropriate protective equipment for the task at hand, and work safely, cannot be accident prone.
  • Disassemble and assemble gear systems and align frames and gears.
  • Fit bearings, adjust and realign, overhaul mobile and stationary, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Weld and solder broken parts and structural members, using electric and gas welding and cutting tools.
  • Clean parts by spraying them with a pressure washer and or grease solvent or immersing them in tanks of solvents.
  • Adjust and maintain, and repair subassemblies, such as transmissions and crawlers, using hand tools and jacks and cranes.
  • Fabricate parts and tools as needed.
  • Order parts in a timely fashion so repairs can be facilitated properly, with as little down time and to facilitate as little waiting time as possible.
  • Keep a neat, tidy and orderly work area; clean up during and after every job.
  • Have good communication and a positive attitude, and good customer relations.
  • Work well independently and as a team member.
  • Load and unload equipment.
  • Supply their own tools.
  • Mechanics will not be limited to these activities.
  • to drive company vehicles and do so in a fashion that obeys all traffic laws and rules of the road and company policies and rules.
  • It is the Mechanics responsibility to have the appropriate valid licence for the vehicle being driven
  • Will be required to do field service calls whenever they arise, promptly and efficiently.
  • Follow all other company policy, and all policies of clients.
  • Activities requiring handling and grasping with the hands when performing repairs or maintenance of equipment by utilizing hand tools, power tools, air tools, nuts, bolts, electronic controls, and other small parts.
  • Occasional use of foot/feet to operate foot pedal on equipment to test operation.
  • Frequent lifting up to 25 lbs., occasional lifting up to 50 lbs., and infrequent lifting up to 75 lbs.
  • Ability to walk and stand on concrete and uneven surfaces for at least 4 hours per day.
  • Ability to bend, kneel and work with arms raised for prolonged periods of time.
  • Ability to climb over and into heavy equipment several times per day.
  • Occasional working at heights above 10 ft.
  • Exposure to bright lights, extreme temperatures, loud noise, dust, gas and/or fumes.
  • Exposure to construction sites.
  • Be able to work extra hours and long hours as required with no advance notice.

Required Experience

  • Heavy Equipment Operator: 1 year
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic: 1 year

To apply for this position, please include a resume and use the following email link: Apply for the Heavy Equipment Mechanic position.

M100 - Welders

Continued growth and new manufacturing facilities require us to hire skilled welders, welder/fitters and assemblers for all shifts. Ticketed welders, and those with heavy weldment experience preferred.

To apply for this position, please include a resume and use the following email link: Apply for a welding position.