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Crane Mounted Lead Systems

Lead systems designed to attach to cranes, typically dealing with pile lengths, or penetration depths of 50’ or greater. Crane mounted leads help guide Diesel hammers (for Pile driving) and rotaries (for drilling) in a straight path to the ground.

Excavator Mounted Lead Systems

Lead systems designed to attach to excavators - typically dealing with pile lengths or penetration depths less than 50'. Excavator Mounted Leads are often used when access with cranes is difficult and the number of piles to install is small.

Piling Equipment

Diesel Hammers Manufactured by Berminghammer. The clean series of hammer has a very clean combustion making visible emissions almost non-existent.

Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling Equipment

Drills, Swivels, and Drill String; all utilized for extreme hard rock drilling 100-200+ MPa Rock. Cuttings are evacuated from the drilled shaft by air in a controlled manner back through the drill or swivel to the client’s disposal site. Berminghammer RC drilling equipment complements large-diameter down-the-hole-hammer, conventional and cluster drills.

Custom Manufacturing

Berminghammer has created many custom fabrications including: cantilevered bridge builders, cage lifters, vibratory hammer slides, power pack brackets, Statnamic load testing devices, etc.