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Case History

Bauer CFA Lead - Hawaii

Bauer CFA Lead - Hawaii

Custom H28 CFA Lead for Bauer MC128 Crane

Project Snapshot

  • Custom H28 Lead Column
  • Capable of 145 ft of CFA Tooling
  • BK2-1320 Custom Spotter

Bauer is a world renowned foundation equipment manufacturer. When they needed a system capable of reaching drilled depths of 145’ (44m) on their MC128 crane, they called Berminghammer to develop a lead system capable of the depth. The lead needed to integrate to Bauer‘s MC128 crane and be capable of withstanding the torque and weight of the KDK300 rotary and 145' (44m) of CFA tooling. Berminghammer was up to the challenge. Berminghammer developed and built from concept a new lead column. The result was the H28 lead that is lighter weight and more torque resistant than its predecessor the L27HT. This was all done in only 2 short months! Berminghammer also developed a new spotter - the BK2-1320. The spotter better utilized the crane’s high load chart capacity at high boom angles. Bauer and Berminghammer site personnel worked together in Hawaii for the rig up. Bauer remarked glowingly at the speed with which Berminghammer delived a completely new designed and high quality lead system.

Picture of System for Bauer for Hawaii