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McInnis - Birmingham HWY Interchange (Low Headroom)

McInnis - Birmingham HWY Interchange (Low Headroom)

Piling HP14x117
Alabama, USA

Project Snapshot

  • Birmingham Alabama Interchange
  • Excavator Mounted Lead - EML 60
  • Low Headroom Application

Birmingham Alabama

Project Owner

Alabama Department of Transportation

Berminghammer Equipment

EML-60 Excavator Mounted Lead

There were many physical restraints and customer requirements that made the design of this lead system particularily challenging. The entire lead needed to be able to travel under a 20-ft bridge and also be capable of driving piles at least 20-ft long. The lead also needed to be able to slew to correct for uneven ground and most challenging, rotate about the third axis. Finally, for future work, McInnis wanted to take advantage of the large capacity of their 60 ton excavator for a taller version of the system to run with a diesel impact hammer.

Berminghammer designed a completely new lead system capable of all of the above and also capable of Vertical Travel, a Berminghammer signature lead trait. The controls for the entire lead system are joystick operated and included in the cab of the excavator.

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