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Case History

Chesapeake Tunnel Joint Venture, Virginia Beach, VA

Chesapeake Tunnel Joint Venture, Virginia Beach, VA

Vertical Travel Leads, Reverse Circulation Drills
Virginia Beach, VA

Project Snapshot

  • L27 Vertical Travel Lead
  • BHD80 RC Drill
  • BRC75 RC Drill

The Chesapeake Tunnel project is a 37 km (23 mile) long bridge and tunnel combination that crosses from the mouth of Chesapeake Bay to the Hampton Roads Harbor. It will connect North Hampton County with Virginia Beach.

In 2019 Berminghammer supplied an L27 VTL system complete with BHD80 drill for the first phase of work. Looking to tackle the project on two fronts, the Chesapeake Tunnel Joint Venture (CTJV) decided to purchase a 2nd system from Berminghammer to install more 42” & 36” (1067mmm & 914mm) case advanced piles from the other side!

This time Berminghammer supplied its lighter weight new model BRC75 drill and L27 VTL system to tackle the work. The lead was also equipped with a means of quick conversion between a drilling and a piling configuration via the use of a ‘Hammer Cat’. Simply detach the drilling system from the Cat and attach the hammer. No re-rigging wire rope! Impressed with the performance of both Berminghammer systems CTJV is augmenting once again on a third front. Stay tuned for 2020!

Picture of System for Chesapeake Tunnel Joint Venture