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Case History

Howland Hook Container Terminal, New York

Howland Hook Container Terminal, New York

Vertical Travel Leads, Diesel Hammer, RC Drill, and Vibratory Hammer
New York, NY

Project Snapshot

  • VTL System
  • B5505 Production Series Hammer
  • RC Drill
  • Vibratory Hammer
  • Down-Hole Hammer
Picture of System for Hawlanf Hook

As part of the expansion of the Howland Hook Container Terminal in New York City, Granite Halmar Construction successfully completed pile driving operations thanks to Bermingham’s unique wealth of foundation construction equipment and expertise.

The contractor’s original plan called for the piles to be driven with a Berminghammer B-5505 hammer through the riprap and boulders before being seated into the rock and drilled out with a hydraulic drill. This method caused too much stress for the specified pile and casing shoe designs, causing the bottoms of the piles to deform. Thanks to its wide range of construction equipment and expertise, Berminghammer rapidly devised a new method of installing the piles using a down-the-hole hammer, allowing the use of the existing piles and casing shoes.

Picture of System for Altimira, Mexico LNG Terminal

For this project, Berminghammer provided 3-D modeling, capacity and stability calculations, construction sequencing, load testing and on site supervision. Berminghammer also supplied Berminghammer impact hammers and VTL (vertical travel lead) systems, in addition to vibratory and reverse circulation drilling equipment.

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Picture of System for CAltimira, Mexico LNG Terminal