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Case History

Boston, MA

Northern Construction, Boston, MA

EML20 Excavator Mounted Lead System
Boston, MA

Project Snapshot

  • EML20 Excavator Mounted Lead
  • Proving Timber Piles
  • 4,000 lb Drop Hammer

When proving timber piles capacities in a low headroom application became a job requirement for Northern Construction (Boston), they contacted Berminghammer for help. With expertise in piling and excavator mounted systems, Berminghammer has developed a line of excavator mounted leads to do this sort of work - the ‘EML’ line. Berminghammer has developed the EML30 for 30-ton excavators and the EML45 for 45-ton versions. The challenge with the Northern Construction project was that their excavator was only a 20-ton model. Berminghammer had never worked with a model so small! Berminghammer took on the challenge and developed an EML20 that could be handled by the smaller machine but could still have a 4,000 lb drop hammer. In only four short weeks Berminghammer modified an existing prototype lead system to fit the customer’s excavator, shipped it to their yard for test fitting. Immediately afterwards it was on the jobsite driving and proving piles. This particular model in the EML line uses the stick circuit and an auxiliary circuit from the excavator for power. Berminghammer is looking forward to working with Northern Construction again as well as other timber piling contractors!

Picture of System for Northern Construction