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Case History

The Curse of Oak Island, NS

The Curse of Oak Island

Flying Leads & Drilling System
Oak Island, NS

Project Snapshot

  • L23 Flying Lead
  • BHD40 RC Drill
  • Drilling for Treasure in Nova Scotia
Aerial Picture of Oak Island Site

In 2016, Louis Fritz P. Eng (Sales Manager) with Berminghammer was contacted by Irving Equipment for the purpose of supplying equipment and support for a new treasure hunt expedition on the island! Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina along with their partners were gearing up for another shot at finding the elusive treasure – a quest that is the subject of the History Channel’s hit docu-series, “The Curse of Oak Island.”

It is thought that the island has buried treasure at a depth of approximately 150-200 feet. Many attempts have been made to unearth it, several significant finds have been made over the years; a stone slab with a ciphered message was discovered at the "Money Pit" location and some believe that the deciphered message indicates 40 feet below, 2 Million pounds are buried! Previous excavations have been thwarted by flood waters, some believe that they were man made water channels designed to impede thieves. This year, it was Bermingham's challenge to get to the bottom of the proverbial Money Pit and bring the treasure to the surface!

Oak Island Lead System

"Located off the coast of Nova Scotia, Oak Island is believed by many to be hiding one of the greatest treasures in history. Since the late 1700’s, fortunes have been spent and lives have been lost, but no one has ever been able to crack the code to get at the prize. A prophecy says that seven people will die before the treasure is found. So far, six have perished in accidents over the years." - The History Channel

Download a PDF of The Curse of Oak Island Project Report