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Case History

Paita Peru, Mota-Engil

Paita Peru, Mota-Engil

L27 Vertical Travel Leads
Paita, Peru

Project Snapshot

  • L27 VTL Systems
Picture of System for the Wheatstone LNG Terminal

In April 2010, Omar Segura of Frontier Endeavors was contacted by Motal Engil for the purpose of sourcing equipment for a large scale project in Paita, Peru. The project involved building a new container terminal in Paita, (North Western Peru). Paita is the leading seaport in the region and among the top 5 ports of Peru. Involved in the scope of the project was to drive 988 mm pipe piles a length of 35 meters (112-ft).

Two years later, the project became a reality and Frontier Endeavors, Inc contacted Berminghammer to provide equipment for the piling portion of the job. Berminghammer manufactured and supplied a total of 42 meters (134.4-ft) of L-27 Vertical Travel Lead system and a custom hydraulic retrofit kit for the customer’s HC-275 crane. Mike Christensen and his team were invaluable as they built, in very short order, a hydraulic retrofit kit for the customer's crane and L-27 system.

Edward Christensen and Omar Segura went to the job site to supervise the assembly of L-27 system, hydraulic retrofit kit, and power pack on the customer's crane. Edward trained local personnel in assembly, operation and maintenance and to commission the lead system to drive the piles.

The project started in March 2013 and is estimated to be completed in November of the same year. Luis Lopez was the project manager for Mota Engil responsible for piling and he commented very highly of Berminghammer equipment:

"Without the versatility of the L-27 we wouldn't be able to drive our piles as quickly and efficiently. The VTL system enables us to drive 988mm diameter and up to 35m long piles in any orientation; that is, vertically, aft and fore batters with superior speed and precision." - Luis Lopez

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