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Case History

Leland, NC

Leland, North Carolina

EMLC Excavator Mounted Lead System
Leland, NC

Project Snapshot

  • EMCL Custom Excavator Mounted Lead
  • Crown Support
  • Universal Slide for Different Tools

Searching for a completely customized Excavator Mounted Lead system, US Wick Drain contacted Berminghammer. US Wick wanted a versatile lead system that could be used for many applications. They wanted the lead to be able to support crowding a vibro for earthquake drain installations as well as support auguring applications involving the use of a rotary. The request was complicated by the fact that they also wanted to be able to extend the lead for use with larger excavators than the 45-ton base model in the future.

Berminghammer accepted the challenge and developed what would be known as the EMLC -the ‘C’ being for custom. The EMLC addressed the need for a crowd system by utilizing a chain. Extending down the front of the lead section it was paired with a motorized slide to climb vertically and crowd. The slide was created in a universal fashion so that different tools (vibros & rotaries) could be mounted onto it. Berminghammer finished design and fabrication of the unit and test fit the rotaries and vibros that US Wick wanted to pair with it. The EMLC was then shipped to US Wick’s yard for a test installation onto their excavator.

The performance of the rig exceeded US Wick’s expectations and has since been used in both vibratory and augering applications and with multiple excavators. True to their word US Wick requested an increased length to the mast for future deeper installations.

Picture of System for US Wick, Leland, NC