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Case History

Calcaseau LNG Tank, LA

Weeks Marine Calcasieu LNG Tank, LA

Vertical Travel Leads
Caclcasieu, LA

Project Snapshot

  • BL37 Bridle Lead System
  • 3:1 Batter
  • 133 ft Long
Picture of System for Weeks Marine

Calcasieu Louisiana is the site of a massive new LNG project in the United States. Weeks Marine was awarded a contract to install 133’ (40.5m) long, 30” (762mm) diameter pipe pile on a significant 1:3 batter. Berminghammer has extensive experience with long battered piles. We assisted in the rebuilding of the levees after huricane Katrina with multiple custom lead systems. Aware of our experience, Weeks Marine turned to Berminghammer for equipment. We utilized existing BL37 box leads in a bridled batter setup in a very similar configuration to the work after Katrina.

Picture of System for Calciasieu, LA LNG Terminal