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Sydney Harbour, Australia
Picture of System for Posillico Atlantic Yards

In September of 2012, Bermingham was contacted by Alan Millar of Waterway Constructions with an inquiry involving driving large diameter timber piles in a wharf in Sydney harbour, Australia. The piles would be used as elevation markers to help identify the level of the tide in their vicinity. Bermingham engineers determined the best hammer for this project would be a B21 Clean Series Diesel Hammer with an oversized 25.5 inch direct -drive housing for maximum 24 inch piles. Bermingham designed a custom hanging box lead specifically for the B21 hammer in an offshore configuration. This configuration was specifically designed to allow for the weight restrictions imposed by the use of a smaller sized crane (if the need arose).

The equipment shipped in mid February and arrived in April. Technician Jeff Organ flew to Sydney to be on site for the rig up of the system. Jeff preformed the rig-up of the equipment and advised as to the proper methodology for the use of the B21 clean series hammer and the box leads.

Picture of System for Posillico Atlantic Yards

"The B21 drove the first timber pile in the port with ease. The hammer performed great!" – Jeff Organ

This was Bermingham's first diesel hammer delivered to Australia with the hope for many more to come. Bermingham is pleased with the newly created relationship with Waterway Constructions and hopes to continue to supply excellent foundation equipment in future endeavors.

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