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Meeting the needs of Leduc and Spie

Date: 2008      View Project Report

Berminghamʼs extensive experience and expertise in both foundation contracting and equipment manufacturing represents a unique and distinct advantage to its customers – especially when engineering and equipment solutions are required on a short timeline. Two customers to take advantage of Berminghamʼs unique offerings are French foundation contractors Spie Foundations of Cergy-Pontoise and Leduc of Vernon.

View Project Report Online (HTML).

Custom Tilting Lead System

Date: 2008      View Project Report

One of Bermingham Foundation Solutionsʼ proudest achievements is the tilting lead system, an engineering masterpiece that introduced an entirely different and revolutionary approach to building bridges.

View Project Report Online (HTML).

F. Miller Custom Hanging Lead System

Date: 2008      View Project Report

When foundation contractor F. Miller required custom equipment for a demanding and unique project for CITGO in Louisiana, Bermingham rose to the occasion by designing and manufacturing a custom hanging box lead system.

ACC Hurlen Alaska Drilling Project

Date: 2007      View Project Report

When ACC Hurlen needed to install large piles under the demanding conditions of winter time marine construction in Alaska for the construction of a new cruise ship pier in Ketchikan, they looked to Bermingham to supply the right scheme and equipment for the job.

Canaport LNG Terminal

Date: 2007      View Project Report

When a Kiewit/Weeks/Sandwell JV needed to install high capacity rock socketed piles for the construction of Canaport LNGʼs state-of-the-art liquefied natural gas terminal in Saint John, New Brunswick, they counted on Berminghamʼs extensive experience as both a marine foundation contractor and equipment manufacturer.

US Army Custom Pile Driving System

Date: 2005      View Project Report

When the US Army required specialized pile driving equipment, Bermingham proposed, designed and built a complete solution, allowing the US Army to rapidly deploy equipment to repair and replace critical infrastructure at a momentʼs notice.

Altimira, Mexico

Date: 2005      View Project Report

Berminghamʼs unique offering of project planning and visualization services, along with quality foundation equipment allowed contractors to optimize drilling operations in Altimira Mexico.

Howland Hook Container Terminal

Date: 2004      View Project Report

As part of the expansion of the Howland Hook Container Terminal in New York City, Granite Halmar Construction successfully completed pile driving thanks to Bermingham's unique wealth of foundation construction equipment and expertise.

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