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Parrish & Heimbecker Flour Mill  Parrish & Heimbecker Flour Mill

Date: 2016      View Project Report

Parrish and Heimbecker's Milling Group announced in late 2015 that they would be building a new flour mill in Hamilton, Ontario. The mill is to be built adjacent to Parrish and Heimbecker's existing terminal elevator. It is the first new flour mill built in Ontario in 75 years.

Bermingham Foundation Solutions was retained to complete the piling for the facility and started work in January 2016.

Veit & Company, Inc - Highway 53, Minnesota  Highway 53 - Veit & Company, Inc

Date: 2016      View Project Report

Two years ago Bermingham was contacted by Veit & Company, Inc. to assist with a test pile program for the re-routing of Minnesota’s Highway 53. The existing road was located over a valuable iron ore deposit that was scheduled to be mined. The re-location consisted of constructing a new bridge over the existing Rouchleau mine pit and the project required a unique foundation system consisting of Down-the-Hole-Hammer Piles. Veit is a multi-disciplined Civil Construction group with a very experienced drilling division.

Six months later, the highway reconstruction contract was awarded to a large construction firm who awarded the piling contract to Veit’s Foundation Division. The permanent piles were 30 inches in diameter and were drilled up to 176 feet into rock. Adding to the challenge of such deep drilling in the iron ore, the work needed to be done over the harsh northern Minnesota winter and there were significant daily Liquidated Damages if the construction schedule was not met.

Port of Newark - EIC Associates  Port of Newark - EIC Associates

Date: 2014      View Project Report

The Port of Newark Container Terminal (PNCT) is a 259 acre New Jersey shipping terminal that handles over 600,000 containers per year. As part of a 30 year plan to double the number of annual containers, the port will be investing approximately $500 Million dollars on large projects including the addition of cranes, the aquisition of additional land, deepening of the berths and strengthening the docks.

Bermingham was contacted by EIC Associates in March of 2014 for the purpose of sourcing reverse circulation drilling equipment (part of the ports initiative to strengthen the docks). Working from a barge, the drilling system needed to be capable of drilling 100 feet deep inside an 18" Casing in vertical and battered configurations.

Atlantic Yards  Atlantic Yards - Posilico

Date: 2013      View Project Report

In January of 2013, Bermingham was contacted by Andrew Burns at Posillico Drilling for the purpose of sourcing a drilling system for reverse circulation down-the-hole hammer drilling. The drilling was to be done through dense glascial outwash consisting of sand, gravel and cobble boulders.

Port of Miami - Nicholson Construction  Port of Miami Tunnel Project - Nicholson Construction 

Date: 2013      View Project Report

Often referred to as the “Cruise Capital of the World” the Port of Miami is one of the busiest cargo and cruise ship ports in the United States. The Port of Miami Tunnel Project will connect Watson Island and Dodge Island under the government cut channel in Biscayne Bay. To allow for the construction of a tunneling system under the port of Miami, Bermingham was contacted by Nicholson Construction Company to engineer a solution for rapid grout injection to help solidify the earth for the future drilling of the tunnel. The project posed a unique challenge in that cruise ship traffic at the port created small windows of work time. This created the need to re-think the standard method of grouting with the goal of increasing production.

After much collaboration between Bermingham and Nicholson staff, and idea was conceived to allow the drilling and grouting processes to be completed with a single pass; meaning one insertion of the drill bit and string.

Kearl Lake Leads  Kearl Lake – L27 VTL

Date: 2013      View Project Report

In September 2013 Kiewit Energy Canada contacted Louis Fritz P.Eng of Bermingham Foundation Solutions regarding the need for a Piling System capable of handling 36, 30 and 20 inch pipe piles for their upcoming project in Kearl Lake: The Kearl Fine Tailings Treatment Project.

Bermingham successfully manufactured 127 Feet of L27 Vertical Travel Leads to pair with a Kiewit owned Manitowoc 999 Crane. The leads are complemented with two rental Bermingham diesel hammers B5505 and B6505 that are interchangeable on the lead without having to change gate drive centers. Bermingham designed a multi-hammer hammer-cat specifically for this order so that Kiewit could change between the B5505 and B6505 seamlessly.

Halifax Shipyards  Halifax Shipyards- Irving Shipbuilding

Date: 2013      View Project Report

In early 2013, Irving Shipbuilding started a $300-million modernization of the Halifax Shipyard to accommodate the building of naval vessels for the federal government. The scope of the work involved drilling 39" rock sockets for which Irving contacted Bermingham to develop a complete drilling system.

Sydney Harbour Project Report  Sydney Harbor, Australia  - Waterway Constructions

Date: 2013      View Project Report

In September of 2012, Bermingham was contacted by Alan Millar of Waterway Constructions with an inquiry involving driving large diameter timber piles in a wharf in Sydney harbour, Australia. The piles would be used as elevation markers to help identify the level of the tide in their vicinity. Bermingham engineers determined the best hammer for this project would be a B21 Clean Series Diesel Hammer with an oversized 25.5 inch direct -drive housing for maximum 24 inch piles. Bermingham designed a custom hanging box lead specifically for the B21 hammer in an offshore configuration. This configuration was specifically designed to allow for the weight restrictions imposed by the use of a smaller sized crane (if the need arose).

Wheatstone LNG Project Report  Wheatstone LNG, Australia

Date: 2013      View Project Report

Wheatstone LNG is a liquefied natural gas plant under construction in the Ashburton North Strategic Industrial Area, which is located 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) west of Onslow, Western Australia. The project is expected to cost A$29 billion (US$29.7 billion). The LNG liquefaction and export plant will have an annual capacity of 15 million tonnes of LNG. Bechtel Oil & Gas Chemicals Inc. is undertaking the design of the onshore gas plant, and awarded the design and construction of the LNG storage and condensate tanks to EVT, a joint venture between Entrepose Contracting, VINCI Construction Grand Projects, and Thiess.

EVT contracted the deep foundation works for the two LNG storage tanks to Menard Bachy Pty. Ltd., while MBPL sought out Bermingham's expertise in pile driving equipment and construction. Bermingham provided three systems of 33m L23 VTL with a B64 Diesel hammer mounted on three different cranes. Along with renting the three pile driving systems, Bermingham provided key personnel to help start the job, train MBPL employees, and service the systems.

Dow Chemical Plant Picture  Dow Chemical Plant Expansion - Piling, Inc

Date: 2012      View Project Report

In December of 2012, Bermingham was contacted by Piling Inc (Texas) for the purpose of sourcing a Vertical Travel Lead System (VTL). Piling Inc had been awarded a contract to complete piling work for the $4 Billion dollar expansion of the Dow Chemical Plant in Freeport, Texas. The lead system was required to be able to guide 16" square concrete piles up to 53 ft. long. Bermingham decided a 78-foot tall L18 vertical travel system was the appropriate solution. The system was shipped and piling began in February.

Paita Peru Project Report - Mota Engil  Paita Peru – Mota-Engil

Date: 2010      View Project Report

In April 2010, Omar Segura of Frontier Endeavors was contacted by Motal Engil for the purpose of sourcing equipment for a large scale project in Paita, Peru. The project involved building a new container terminal in Paita, (North Western Peru). Paita is the leading seaport in the region and among the top 5 ports of Peru. Involved in the scope of the project was to drive 988 mm pipe piles a length of 35 meters (112-ft).

Two years later, the project became a reality and Frontier Endeavors, Inc contacted Bermingham to provide equipment for the piling portion of the job.

Meeting the needs of Leduc and Spie

Date: 2008      View Project Report

Berminghamʼs extensive experience and expertise in both foundation contracting and equipment manufacturing represents a unique and distinct advantage to its customers – especially when engineering and equipment solutions are required on a short timeline. Two customers to take advantage of Berminghamʼs unique offerings are French foundation contractors Spie Foundations of Cergy-Pontoise and Leduc of Vernon.

View Project Report Online (HTML).

Custom Tilting Lead System

Date: 2008      View Project Report

One of Bermingham Foundation Solutionsʼ proudest achievements is the tilting lead system, an engineering masterpiece that introduced an entirely different and revolutionary approach to building bridges.

View Project Report Online (HTML).

F. Miller Custom Hanging Lead System

Date: 2008      View Project Report

When foundation contractor F. Miller required custom equipment for a demanding and unique project for CITGO in Louisiana, Bermingham rose to the occasion by designing and manufacturing a custom hanging box lead system.

ACC Hurlen Alaska Drilling Project

Date: 2007      View Project Report

When ACC Hurlen needed to install large piles under the demanding conditions of winter time marine construction in Alaska for the construction of a new cruise ship pier in Ketchikan, they looked to Bermingham to supply the right scheme and equipment for the job.

Canaport LNG Terminal

Date: 2007      View Project Report

When a Kiewit/Weeks/Sandwell JV needed to install high capacity rock socketed piles for the construction of Canaport LNGʼs state-of-the-art liquefied natural gas terminal in Saint John, New Brunswick, they counted on Berminghamʼs extensive experience as both a marine foundation contractor and equipment manufacturer.

Canaport LNG Terminal

Date: 2007      View Project Report

When a Kiewit/Weeks/Sandwell JV needed to install high capacity rock socketed piles for the construction of Canaport LNGʼs state-of-the-art liquefied natural gas terminal in Saint John, New Brunswick, they counted on Berminghamʼs extensive experience as both a marine foundation contractor and equipment manufacturer.

US Army Custom Pile Driving System

Date: 2005      View Project Report

When the US Army required specialized pile driving equipment, Bermingham proposed, designed and built a complete solution, allowing the US Army to rapidly deploy equipment to repair and replace critical infrastructure at a momentʼs notice.

Altimira, Mexico

Date: 2005      View Project Report

Berminghamʼs unique offering of project planning and visualization services, along with quality foundation equipment allowed contractors to optimize drilling operations in Altimira Mexico.

Howland Hook Container Terminal

Date: 2004      View Project Report

As part of the expansion of the Howland Hook Container Terminal in New York City, Granite Halmar Construction successfully completed pile driving thanks to Bermingham's unique wealth of foundation construction equipment and expertise.

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