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Developed jointly by Bermingham Foundation Solutions of Canada and TNO Building and Construction Research of the Netherlands, the STATNAMIC load test has been designed to meet the construction industry's demand for an accurate and cost-effective method of determining the load bearing capacity of caissons and high-capacity piles.

In STATNAMIC testing, solid fuel is burned within a pressure chamber. As the pressure increases, an upward force is exerted on a set of reaction masses while an equal and opposite force pushes downward on the pile. Loading is perfectly axial and the relatively slow application and release of compressive forces eliminates tensile stresses, compressing the pile and the soil as a single unit, allowing an accurate measurement of the load-displacement behavior.

The STATNAMIC load test can be utilized on almost any type of pile with little to no prior planning required and no reaction piles are required. Incredibly, several STATNAMIC load tests can be completed for the same cost as a single traditional static load test and multiple STATNAMIC load tests can be performed in a single shift.

International STATNAMIC Testing Agents  

4 MN Statnamic Test in Florida

Lateral Statnamic Test

3D Animation of Catch

3D Animation of Lateral Test


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